I would recommend this pet food to anyone

I have a German Wire Haired Pointer and he has always been a fussy eater, so his diet has been quite boring for a long time, just chicken or fish and biscuits separately (and only one brand) as most things make him sick.

I know vets recommend dry food only and the dog has to drink copious amounts of water so it swells in their stomach, but I don’t think this is natural, and tinned dog food is mostly water, so when I heard from a friend about Ben & Charlie’s pet food and how good the ingredients were, I thought I would try it.

To my amazement, as soon as I opened the packet, it smelled so good that he came straight over to me, wolfed it down and licked the plate clean. Now I don’t have to cook chicken or fish every night, as Anne has done all the work for me and my dog looks forward to meal times. I would recommend this pet food to anyone.

SS, Horsham

16th March 2016


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