Even though our food is fresh and simple
we know you might have some questions...

Even though our food is fresh and simple
we know you might have some questions...

Even though our food is fresh and simple
we know you might have some questions...

About our food

Ben & Charlie’s is made from pure food with no chemical additives, preservatives and colours. It is plain nutritious food made with whole human grade ingredients and fresh vegetables. Every batch is made to order which guarantees total freshness. As we make in small batches we can know exactly what goes into the food, so you can be sure of the best digestible food for your pet.
This question is answered by your pet. Within just a few weeks you will notice the change in your pet’s condition; their coat is softer and glossier, they have fresh breath and cleaner teeth. The smells associated with a poor diet are reduced dramatically, which leaves a happier owner and a happier pet, which really looks forward to their food.
You can pay less for your dog food if you buy from a large chain or supermarket. However, mass produced dog food is bought in large quantities enabling the stores to make huge profits and still offer it a cheaper prices. This food also generally contains inferior ingredients with many bulking agents and fillers. Ben & Charlie’s is 100% proper human grade quality. Everything is cooked by hand in small quantities. It is packaged and delivered immediately, thus keeping all the goodness and flavours for your pet to enjoy. It is definitely not packed with preservatives and left standing for weeks on end in warehouses ready for delivery around the world.
Yes of course. As Ben & Charlie’s is so digestible, your dog will feel more satisfied and will then require less food. Along with his regular exercise, you will notice a fitter healthier dog in no time.
Yes you can. Ben & Charlie’s is just good plain, nutritious natural food. Start as you mean to carry on and give your pet a great start in life.
If you are leaving food out all day for your pets to snack on, they will feel less hungry when it comes to meal time. It's best not to leave food out for long periods of time whether it is dry or wet food, as it does deteriorate in the open air. It is best to try and get into a routine and stick to mealtimes if possible, as your pets will feel hungry and ready to finish their food at set times, giving them the optimum benefits of fresh food.
Our fresh, natural dog food food is best enjoyed served in a clean bowl and best results will be achieved by warming the food slightly with a splash of hot water stirred in to bring it up to room temperature. Add a few sprinkles of your pet’s favourite dry food on the top for some crunch. Then stand back and watch them lick their bowls clean! We recommend introducing the new diet slowly, which is why we suggest still using a few sprinkles of your pet’s favourite dry food on the top.
The amount of food depends on the size of your dog. The basic guides are: Small dog – 1 x 200g packet per day Medium dog – 1 to 2 x 300g packets per day Large/Extra Large dog - 1 to 2 x 400g packets If you're not sure then just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.
We quick freeze the food on the day of production, to ensure the flavours and quality of the food remains of the highest quality.
Freezing really needs to be done on day of purchase for best results. However, you can freeze your food up to 5 days after purchase and then when you are ready to use it, just thaw and use within 48 hours.
If the food is going to be used the same day, you can defrost it at room temperature or place the packet in warm water. If you are defrosting a large amount of food, it is best to do it slowly in the refrigerator until fully defrosted.

What’s in our food

We only use fresh ingredients that are fit for human consumption. Aside from the main meat ingredient, every flavour of Ben & Charlie's dog contains: Seasonal vegetables, barley, wholegrain and white rice, eggshell calcium and cod liver oil.
Egg shell calcium is probably the best natural source of calcium you can get and it is very easy for the body to digest and absorb. At Ben & Charlie’s we make our own egg shell calcium using organic egg shells, so we know it is the best quality going into our food.
Absolutely not, all our food is made with totally natural ingredients. No sugar or salt is added to cover up inferior quality ingredients.
No way! We make Ben & Charlie's food in small batches on a regular basis so there is no need to use preservatives. We put a Use By Date on each pack so you know when it needs to be used by and you can also buy our food freshly frozen so it lasts.
Yes we do. Excess fat is bad as we all know in a diet. Our food is low in fat but high in protein due to the wonderful ingredients we use.
Grains used in mass-produced, commercial pet food are poor quality, by-products of the milling process and are usually filled with mold, aflotoxins and bacteria. This means that not only are they stripped of all their nutrients but they could be harmful to your dog. All our ingredients are fit for human consumption so our grains don't have any of the issues of poor grade grains. And once cooked, they are well absorbed and easily digested by dogs. Whole grains provide lots of vitamins and minerals as well as provide soluble fibre that feeds the ‘good bacteria’ in the gut. They also provide the nutrients the body needs to manufacture its own Vit. K. Whole grains are digested slowly which keeps the blood sugar low, reducing stress on the pancreas and the liver. They are also an excellent form of protein when combined with the amino acids of vegetables.

Buying our food

Just visit our online shop and select your flavour, pouch size and number of packs. It's easy. All our flavours come in 7 pouch packs or you can try our very popular Mixed Batch which contains all our flavours.
We accept the following forms of payment: PayPal (you can pay by debit or credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account) Cheque (Payment must clear before your order is processed) Bank Transfer (Payment must clear before your order is processed) Cash on Delivery (this option is only available for repeat and registered customers).
No problem. The Mixed Batch is available if your dog likes all the flavours. However, if there are 1 or 2 flavours they prefer, just let us know and we accommodate his preferences in your next Mixed Batch.
Yes and no... Ben & Charlie’s food is fresh food, which is vacuumed packed. It is very suitable for freezing. Or you can buy it freshly frozen to go straight in your freezer. Because our food is freshly made in small batches the most you could buy would be one month's worth.
We use high quality embossed vacuum packaging, which protects the food and flavour for over 2 weeks in the fridge. It does freeze very well. Or you can buy it freshly frozen to go straight in your freezer.


Yes. We deliver our dog food to all RH14 and RH13 postcodes. There is a delivery charge of £3.50 order. Orders over £25 qualify for free delivery. if you live outside these postcodes you are welcome to pick your dog food up from us or get in touch for a packing & postage quote which will include special insulated packaging.
After your order is completed (and payment cleared if paying by cheque or bank transfer) you will receive your dog food within 4 days. We will arrange a mutually convenient time with you for delivery. This is usually in the evening.
Yes of course. If you are going to be out for a short time around the time of delivery don’t worry. All we ask is that you leave an ice box with a couple of ice blocks in it, so we can leave the food in a cool place for your return.
Of course you can. Just let us know when you are back and ready to order again.
Of course, we're sure the kennels won't mind if you want to provide your own dog food. If they have any queries we are always here to answer any questions.

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