Our happy customers aren't just you humans...
Dogs love our food too!

Our happy customers aren't just you humans.
Dogs love our food too.

Our happy customers aren't just you humans.
Dogs love our food too.

Every single morsel of Ben & Charlie’s dog food is 100% fresh, 100% natural and 100% delicious.
And fit for humans. Don’t just take our word for it see what our happy customers have to say!

“Ben & Charlie’s Magic Ingredients”

At the first snip of the packet, I knew I was in for a big treat. My twitching nose is very sensitive - and my taste buds even more so. I became alive again; game for anything in fact. I don't know what Ben and Charlie's magic ingredients are but they certainly work wonders and my admirers have come begging to know what the secret is. Life couldn't be better!!

Eustace, Hassocks

16th March 2016

“Love it and more importantly, so does my dog”

Having tried the food, if my dog could say “yum” whilst eating it she would.

She is a 14 year old Staffie and can be very fussy when given new food, but having introduced her to it she ABSOLUTELY loves it. And why not, the ingredients are superb; you cannot get fresher or more wholesome than this.

Love it and more importantly, so does my dog.

JR, Southwater

16th March 2016

“First Class Pet Food”

I want to thank Annie from Ben & Charlie's for her great pet food.

My Flat Coated Retriever whilst being regularly fed on a well-known complete dog food suffered from a twisted stomach. After £2,000 of various surgery and veterinary costs he was well on the way to a full recovery, though off his food.

Family and friends tried everything - despite being medically fit he looked half starved - like a skeleton with a coat thrown over it!

After collecting the first supplies of Ben & Charlie's he ate his first good meal.

It is incredible how he has recovered - he is full of his old energy and his beautiful black coat shines with health. What a first class pet food, I can't rate it higher.

KC, Brighton

16th March 2016

“She enjoys every mouthful”

My miniature Schnauzer, Pepsi, loves Ben and Charlie’s pet food. Pepsi gets excited the moment I get the packet out, and bounces along the kitchen until I put it down for her to eat. She enjoys every mouthful and licks the bowl clean.

Pepsi is a very healthy dog and her coat is in brilliant condition. Her breath does not smell which is an added bonus, as she is always keen on giving me lots of kisses!

I would highly recommend Ben and Charlie’s pet food as you know what goes into it, how wholesome and good it is for your pet.

CO, Horsham

16th March 2016

“I would recommend this pet food to anyone”

I have a German Wire Haired Pointer and he has always been a fussy eater, so his diet has been quite boring for a long time, just chicken or fish and biscuits separately (and only one brand) as most things make him sick.

I know vets recommend dry food only and the dog has to drink copious amounts of water so it swells in their stomach, but I don’t think this is natural, and tinned dog food is mostly water, so when I heard from a friend about Ben & Charlie’s pet food and how good the ingredients were, I thought I would try it.

To my amazement, as soon as I opened the packet, it smelled so good that he came straight over to me, wolfed it down and licked the plate clean. Now I don’t have to cook chicken or fish every night, as Anne has done all the work for me and my dog looks forward to meal times. I would recommend this pet food to anyone.

SS, Horsham

16th March 2016

“He is a very happy well looked after dog”

I just wanted to compliment you on the overall health of Benjamin, your Golden Retriever. All of us at Happy Hounds agree his coat is in very good condition and he is a very happy well looked after dog. He has the temperament of a well maintained and well fed dog, relaxed, friendly and a pleasure to be around.

Karen, Happy Hounds Dog Grooming

16th March 2016


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